Support Recruiting
Strategies with PR


An effective public relations (PR) strategy offers many benefits for recruiting.

PR doesn’t sell – it informs. Information persuades by allowing potential students to reach conclusions on their own, building credibility and trust. Generally, institutions engage in PR efforts for one of three purposes:

  • To build positive perceptions in the market, helping you win when competing for students
  • To reinforce existing beliefs, which shores up brand strength and market leadership positions
  • To change perceptions when an inaccurate existing impression negatively impacts recruiting

The press release is the standard vehicle for sharing news. Use this handy communication tool on your website, in social channels, in media outreaches, and as part of your communications flow or a Student Search campaign.

For press release ideas, check out the seven news categories in the chart.

newspaper-1 News about your campus has the power to influence potential students. Using PR is a smart way to market successes, differentiate your campus, and grow enrollment.

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