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Digital Marketing for Higher Education – How Does Your Program Compare?

Now, more than ever, higher ed marketers must cope with rising costs, stagnant budgets, and lower-than-expected conversion rates. With conditions like these, how do you recruit and win?

It starts with a better strategy.

Get started with enrollmentFUEL's complimentary Multi-Point Digital Marketing Assessment.

  • 30-minute assessment interview
  • Customized report
  • Insight to improve your digital marketing plan

Better strategies start with better intel. This in-depth assessment looks at areas including:

  • Whether look-alike modeling would be a lead generation tactic to consider
  • Options to capture new and stealth leads on your website
  • The best way to use social strategies and take advantage of influencer marketing opportunities
  • A range of digital advertising possibilities, including Connected TV and pre-roll advertising
  • If you are on track to maximize organic website traffic

Whether you're supporting a small private college or a large public institution, you’ll get critical information about SEO, social marketing, digital advertising, content marketing, lead generation, and more. If you are looking for ways to go next-level on your digital marketing strategy, the Multi-Point Digital Marketing Assessment is an easy way to get started.






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